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LAX Parking Curb Express at Los Angeles International Airport

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No shuttle is needed, we are strictly valet, our uniformed valet will accompany you from our facility to your terminal at LAX. There is no waiting, no shuttles, no lines.

Description: Lax Parking Curb Express is the only valet parking company that solely does curbside to curbside personal valet at the LAX Airport.

- A personal valet will ride with you from our location to your departure airline terminal curbside, in the comfort of your own vehicle.

- The valet will assist you with your luggage, then he will drive your car back to an indoor secured parking facility.

- When you return, your car will be delivered to your arrival airline terminal curbside.

- Our service eliminates the hassle in traveling and the time consuming that traditional parking offers.
- Your car will be parked in a covered facility that is clean, well-lit, secure, and professionally maintained.
- Our location is very convenient. We are located just half a block from the LAX airport
- We are licensed and fully insured.
- Our courteous valets are experienced drivers with clean driving records that are audited regularly.
- We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Note: Our parking structure has a height limit of 6.9 ft.


Why LAX Parking Curb Express?
- Our service is fast, safe, easy, and convenient way to park at LAX.
- We are unlike other traditional parking services: self or valet. We value your time and eliminate delay and inconvenience.
- No waiting for shuttles to and from LAX.
- No luggage transfers between your car and the shuttle.
- No searching for your car in remote or dark areas.
- No line to wait for service.
- We welcome all types of travelers, business and leisure.

What should I do when I arrive back from my trip?
Airport police restricts parking at terminal curbside: If you have carry on bags only, please call us after you get out of the plane. If you have checked in luggage, call us after you collect your bags, so your car can be delivered in a timely manner to you at the terminal's curbside. You will not have to return with your car to our facility when it is delivered back to you after you arrive back in town.

Parking Address: 9800 S. Sepulveda blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045


What our customers say about LAX Parking Curb Express


Expensive, but very convenient.
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Jeffrey B E -

Honestly, I was a bit nervous about having someone drive my car from the airport without me and then back to the airport without me. However, I was extremely happy with the service and all the drivers were very courteous and professional. I didn't have to wait long to get to the airport as the process took maybe 10 mins and they were very timely getting to the airport once I landed. I would definitely use this service again and if your impatient (like me) or in a rush to get to and from the airport I absolutely recommend this service.

The only complaint I have is that the car was crazy dirty when I got it back which can be washed easily. I thought I had paid for an indoor parking, but apparently that didn't happen.
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Christopher G. -

Wow! What an incredible service! We used LAX Parking Curb Express for a recent trip to Hawaii and we could not have been more pleased. The drivers were courteous, responsible, and helpful, and our car was delivered us within minutes after we called upon our return. Champagne service for the cost of beer!!
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Sandi Brouwer - CA

We were traveling with two kids. This is the way to go. It's great to not have to get on the shuttle with 2 carseats, a stroller, and our luggage. The price difference isn't that much. Totally worth it.
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Mary - Los Angeles , CA

The idea of the service was perfect for our family and we enjoyed the no fuss process of picking up the concierge, considering the close proximity, and us being dropped off with our luggage and the car being parked for us. That in itself is worth the premium, though it could be a tad bit cheaper or include a complimentary car wash. My chief complaint is the rep on the phone asking for payment during your return trip call from the airport asking after luggage pick up to have the concierge driver bring your car to you. For me this actually cheapened the experience. Navigating the airport with two toddlers and eight pieces of luggage isn't exactly the ideal time to have someone pay a balance while you implicitly hold their vehicle captive until the card goes through before your vehicle is seen. I think this is tacky and would have readily accepted driving the concierge back to the location to settle the transaction. Under the existing protocol it doesn't allow for appropriate time and mental capacity to survey your car for potential damages in which they limit liability. Unless they change this policy I am likely not use this service. Why would you treat someone like royalty only to make them feel like a pauper? The other issue is you never quite see what type of facilities or conditions your car is being stored in. Our car came back pretty dusty with tree sap. stuck to the windshield.If it weren't for these two issues they would have received 5 stars. The drivers (Jesus/Chuey) were extremely courteous and would have likely earned a tip if not for the price and the "making me feel cheap" issues.
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Karyn O. -
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Driving Directions

For your convenience, we are located just one block from LAX on Sepulveda Boulevard.

From the East going West on the 105 Freeway:
- Exit on Sepulveda blvd
- Drive North towards LAX
- Turn right on 98th st
- Our valet personnel will be waiting for you on the curbside.

From the North going South on the 405 Freeway:
- Exit on Century blvd towards the LAX and turn left
- Turn right on Sepulveda blvd
- Turn right on 98th st
- Our valet personnel will be waiting for you on the curbside.

From the South going North on the 405 Freeway:
- Exit on Century blvd
- Turn LEFT on Century blvd
- Turn right on Sepulveda, then turn right on 98th street
- Our valet personnel will be waiting for you on the curbside.